Our team manages the whole process of digital customer acquisition

As Finland’s most effective growth partner, we possess the most important aspects of digital customer acquisition. 

Every growth in our customer base is different, but a few areas below are repeated in most of our customers.


Are you particularly interested in any area of ​​digital customer acquisition? All our services can be modified according to customer needs. See the below or learn more about one of the areas from the links after the descriptions!

Paid advertising

Paid advertising accelerates access to the desired result in the pursuit of recognition, lead acquisition, and digital sales.

We help our customers with paid advertising, for example  by means of keyword advertising, social media, and display advertising.

Organic traffic

We develop organic traffic and website visibility with the help of a comprehensive website audit, A/B testing tools, and high-quality content production.

Our model of continuous development is based on high-quality optimized content, identifying obstacles to the site’s visibility, and implementing a new SEO vision.

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Marketing automation

Marketing automation serves and guides leads and existing customers further along the company’s purchase path.

We offer the design and personalization of these automations together  with the customer, and we audit the current tools so that operations can be made more efficient.

Optimizing the customer path

We map the technical and structural functionality of our customers’ websites. We create different hypotheses, which are tested with the A/B method, and after that, we implement  changes to the site that enhance the whole.

We divide the development items and the elements to be tested into several parts according to visitor paths and test them consistently in a logical order. We verify each site change based on tested data, mirroring business KPI metrics.


Analytics and reporting

In reporting, we believe in simplicity, systematicity, and clarity. Most of the reporting can be done with free tools, and initially, the reporting of the customer’s different phases  is usually summarized in simple excel-style tables and, after locking the KPI figures, in e.g.  Data Studio-style visual graphs.

In our opinion, the most important thing in reporting is the link to optimization and continuous improvement, i.e.  relative changes must be easy to notice so that the focus of development is always at the right stage.

All the above areas and much more, such as e.g. content production, website implementation, and

maintenance are part of our services. And in addition, through our partnerships, we operate in almost all parts of

areas that even slightly sidestep digital customer acquisition, from software development to CIO and

CDO services.

Why Digital Boost 360 to support growth?

We help companies in technology industry areas grow regardless of their starting point in digital sales. To cover all of your digital sales needs we offer services such as paid advertising, marketing automation content production as well as digital sales management.

We start by evaluating your starting situation, as well as your digital sales and marketing capacity. After that, we tailor and implement the digital sales growth plan that best suits you.

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